Australian Backyard Buddies

By: Andy Geppert

A beautifully illustrated somewhat factual introduction to the hoppy, crawly, wriggly, buzzy, fluttery critters that call your backyard home. I have adored sharing this book with many people 😊 I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!  

Learning experiences ready to go!

  •  Measuring and comparing objects with a teaspoon.
Take Away Teaching Ideas #39 - Australian Backyard Buddies
  • Find out more about the author and illustrator Andy
  • Identify and count the common words in the text. when, to, this, is, a. Make a tally.
  • Add interesting words to your classroom word wall.
  • Explore back as a base word backyard and backdown.
  • On page 4 What does camouflage mean? 
  • Implement a nature walk. Photograph and sketch what you discover.
  • The collective noun for ladybugs (ladybirds) is ‘a loveliness’ of ladybugs. Investigate collective nouns.
  • Have magnifying glasses and objects to explore your own backyard.
  • Create your own pet rock. Check out mine!
Take Away Teaching Ideas #39 - Australian Backyard Buddies
  • Define living and non-living things and provide examples.
  • Continue to read and view to find out how one of the backyard buddies adapts to their environment.
  • Workout from the book what buddies can be touched. Make a poster to inform others.
  • Make connections:
  • Have you seen one of the buddies?
    • Where were you?
    • What happened?
    • How did you feel?
    • What did you learn?
  • Text Features:
    • Explore a double page and identify what you learnt from the visual clues.
    • Sort the buddies by different criteria – colour, favourite plant, time of day.
  • Explore counting by twos…insect wings.
  • Make a model of a habitat for one of the backyard buddies.
  • Research and plant plants to attract insects.
  • Debate/discuss: Are the buddies dangerous to humans?
  • Create an artwork to inform others about the meaning of camouflage.

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