Two Sides to Every Story 

By: Beck and Robin Feiner

Published: 2023
Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Cats or dogs? Living in the city or the country? Going to the pool or the beach? 
Life presents lots of questions and lots of choices …  

For Oscar, there’s no question or choice he won’t twist, tumble, turn inside out and explore every which way. 

I had the absolute pleasure of recording a Book Chat with Beck Feiner. Beck and Robin’s book Clyde the Greyhound has been selected as the first book for the 2024 Book Club Edition 1. 

Beck is a generous, talented, and most engaging author and artist! I loved every minute. 

I have enjoyed using this book in many classrooms.

It is an excellent springboard to explore: 

  • Personal preferences Accepting Differences Debating Points of View Thinking  

Enjoy these teaching ideas! 

  • Predict the meaning of ‘mental gymnast’ at the beginning of the story. Revisit the prediction after reading and discussing the story.
  • Pose the question How are you a mental gymnast? Create a thinking wall of responses.
  • Go on a shape walk! Explore the brilliant illustrations page by page and create a tally of shapes. 
  • Create and conduct a survey to find out the breakfast favourites of your family or class. 
  • Research the terms carnivores and vegetarians. Create meal options for both. 
  • Investigate and discuss the statement Scientists say eating less meat is good for the planet. 
  • Where is your closest museum? Visit the museum’s website for a sneak peak! How would you travel there? What would be the cost for your family or class to visit? 
  • Fandango the pet lizard has the best tongue. Experiment with paper to make his tongue. 
  • Visit a library to collect books related to History and Science. Read to discover something new.
  • Create ‘this or that’ surveys to find out more about each other. Use this brilliant book as inspiration. In this example, the heart indicates the preference. 
    • Develop a statement from the book to debate! 
    • The beach is the best way to cool down. 
    • Riding a horse to meet up with mates is fun. 
    • History is more important than Science. 
    • On the last double page is a fabulous illustration of all the topics Oscar thinks about. Use the illustration to inspire an artwork of what topics you think about. Exhibit! 

    You can purchase your copy directly from Beck via the below button! (This is very cool) 

    Have fun being a mental gymnast!