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2024 Book Club Intake Now Open!

Andrea Hillbrick’s Book Club has been running since 2021, and it has gotten bigger and better every year! Each year’s Book Club runs for a full calendar year, and previous year’s edition bundles are available to purchase.

Book Club editions feature teaching strategies, videos and creative ideas, and Andrea has even been fortunate enough to interview many of the authors and include the Book Chats in the editions.

Book Club with Andrea Hillbrick 2022
Book Club with Andrea Hillbrick 2022

What does Book Club Include?

Each year of the Book Club includes 10 editions, starting in February. The previous year’s editions are all available for immediate access. This year’s Book Club is open now, and you will gain access immediately to all editions that have been released so far. Then, a new edition will be released on the 17th of every month until the 10 editions have all been released.

Each edition focuses on a book and includes a comprehensive teaching resource includes hooks and ideas for teaching readers, writers, mathematicians, and investigators. There are always at least 10+ videos included in each resource. You will be able to watch videos of me in action – modelling a Book Walk and teaching strategies, plus a lesson plan, printable thinking tool or links to other quality texts.

Ten editions - 1 per month

Instructional videos in each resource

Both fiction and non-fiction

100s of teaching ideas in every edition

The teaching ideas are created for your readers, writers, mathematicians, and investigators.

Teaching links across the curriculum

The first edition is released on 17th of February

Bonus editions - ready to go!

Exclusive Book Club Facebook Group

A different focus for each month

Ideas and teaching strategies that can be used in the classroom the very next day!

What Book Club members Say

Andrea Hillbrick Book Club1
Book Club with Andrea Hillbrick 2022

What Will We Read in 2024?

Available Now!

Bonus Edition – Runt by Craig Silvey

Available Now!

Mini Edition – Humorous: The Crayons Go Back to School by Drew Daywalt

17th February

Connected: Clyde the Greyhound by Beck and Robin Feiner

17th March

Courageous: Kimmi by Favel Parrett

17th April

Colourful: Australia – Country of Colour by Jess Racklyeft

17th May

Adventurous: Wendy by Gus Gordon

17th June

Creative: Your holiday was the BEST! by Maggie Hutchings and Felicita Sala

17th July

Unique:The World’s Most Atrocious Animals by Philip Bunting


17th August


17th September


17th October


17th November


More Book Club Feedback

'It has inspired our school literacy team'

Through my membership in the Book Club this year, I have seen firsthand Andrea’s extensive knowledge of curriculum areas of how students learn. It has provided me with an in-depth study of popular and engaging texts for students of all ages and has inspired our school literacy team to develop our own book studies.

– Kirsti Farr, Teacher/Numeracy Coordinator

'I can’t wait for book club to roll around each month'

Book club has reinspired my love of all children’s literature. You have at your fingertips ideas that can be transferred to any book you pick up or any learning area investigated. I adore learning that connects across multi disciplines. I can’t wait for book club to roll around each month. Thanks Andrea, for being that educator that touches our souls with your passion for learning.

– Kim Carey, Acting Principal

'A happy parcel in my inbox each month!'

Book Club with Andrea is like a happy parcel in my inbox each month! Andrea delivers, not only rich learning tasks right across the curriculum to suit any year level, she also includes short videos that capture snippets of her thinking and connections to the text. This has helped me grow as a teacher and supported me in developing my own learning sequences. Andrea’s ability to authentically match learning to picture story books is to be admired! 

– Janette, Primary School Teacher

 Andrea Hillbrick’s Book Club

Andrea Hillbrick Book Club1

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the membership for?

Anyone who loves books and enjoys using literature in their classrooms or learning program.

Can I see an example edition?

Yes! Click here to see an example edition from the 2022 Book Club. Please note you won’t be able to view the videos, as only logged in members can access the linked content.

How many people does the membership include?

Each membership entitles one member to access all ten editions. You will receive a password to access the editions.

Do I get a hard copy of each book?

No, the Book Club provides teaching resources to be used in conjunction with your own copy of each title. I will provide a link to purchase the book if you don’t already have access to one.

When will Book Club start?

The first edition is February and the last in November. You will receive an email when the edition is available to be downloaded. For members who join after February 17, you will have immediate access to any editions that have already been dropped. 

This is one email you will love in your inbox!

How many editions does it include?

There are ten editions.

Can I share the editions?

The membership entitles you to use the editions in your single classroom.

What do we do if my school wants to purchase Book Club memberships for the staff?

Send me a message via the Contact Us page and let me know your specific requirements and I can tailor an option to suit your school’s needs.

How are the editions selected?

Each month a criterion is used to select the book. The criterion for each edition is provided at the start of the year for all members on the website.

How will I know when an edition is ready to download?

You will receive an email informing you the edition is ready for downloading.

How do I find out about the upcoming title?

I will post the upcoming edition on our Book Club private Facebook group and on my Instagram page.

How do I share what I have implemented with my learners?

We would love for you to upload your photos, videos, and comments on our Book Club Facebook Group.

How can I communicate with Book Club Members?

We can all share great books, new ideas, ask for recommendations via our private Facebook group.

What if I have further questions?

If you have further questions, contact Andrea via the Contact Us page.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not offered once the product has been delivered. Our refund policy complies with Australian Consumer Law.

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