I will have my headset on, the lighting perfect, resources by my side ready to connect online. These three options have been designed to suit you:

– Is it actively participating in a live webinar?
– Is it selecting the date, time and pace for your own professional learning?
– Or one to one coaching with me?

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Andrea Hillbrick Learning Essentials
Webinars Live Professional Learning

Webinars - Live Professional Learning

I regularly implement webinars for individuals, teams and school registrations. Forty-five minutes of highly engaging professional learning for one nominated focus. 

You are provided with a teaching resource of strategies to implement the ‘very next day’. 

Self-paced Professional Learning

This will be a new feature in 2022. I am excited to be providing this option for you!

What a great opportunity it is for you to select the focus for your professional learning and then view the session at your own pace.

Personalised Learning and Coaching

Want to talk to me and ask any and every question you can think of? Book a one hour (or more) phone call or Zoom meeting to connect with me. This personal coaching option differs from professional learning events as the coaching focus is established by you!

What My Clients Say

'Andrea’s ability to transfer to an online platform has been seamless'

I have worked extensively with Andrea for the past 10 years over two educational settings, traditionally face to face but over the past 12 months it has been in an online capacity. Andrea’s ability to transfer to an online platform has been seamless, it’s just like face to face learning minus the coffee breaks!

We have engaged Andrea to deliver self-paced recorded PL sessions for our staff which we have been able to facilitate in our Professional Learning schedule based on the needs of the school. This has been particularly helpful when new staff have commenced and we are able to share the PL with them to catch them up, really so fantastic. Andrea has also run Collaborative Planning sessions with our PLCs which has been instrumental in reinforcing learning and engaging in rich professional discussion. Having the flexibility for Andrea to come to PLC meetings online has been so beneficial for our teams.

However, when Andrea facilitates whole school curriculum days it always creates a buzz in the staffroom! It is a day FULL of learning, hands on practical tasks, high quality texts and effective evidence based teaching strategies that always gets everyone itching to get straight back into the classroom to try things out!

– Megan Rettalick, Assistant Principal

'An inspiring leader of teaching and learning'

Andrea is the most inspiring leader of teaching and learning who I recommend that all teachers of any experience connect with. 

– Janette, Primary School Teacher

' I wish we could bottle you up and keep you in the room!'

Absolutely loved time with you. I wish we could bottle you up and keep you in the room! Refreshing, exciting, and engaging! Can’t wait to dive into our planning and teaching.

– Johanna, Primary School Teacher

'Her practical tools help you make positive change the very next day'

Andrea’s willingness to listen, develop and share her skills has built my capacity as teacher and school leader. Her practical and hands on approach equips you with the tools you need to make positive change the very next day you meet with your students.

– Joel, Junior School Leader

'Even though it was online it was still hands on, engaging and everyone learnt so much'

Thanks so much Andrea for an incredible day of online learning!  So amazing how even though it was online it was still hands on, engaging and everyone learnt so much. As always you were very inspiring 

– Jessi, Primary School Teacher

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Andrea Hillbrick Learning Essentials

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