I have an extensive knowledge and ability to teach readers, writers, mathematicians and investigators. Making me a highly valuable resource for your school.  My recent classroom and school based experiences enable me to make genuine connections and share recent insights.

I have the proven skills to work in partnership with you to create and implement a comprehensive individualised professional learning plan. Each plan is designed for the unique learning and teaching context and goals of your school. 

Andrea Hillbrick Educator
Andrea Hillbrick Learning Essentials

Classroom Demonstrations

It is powerful for you to observe me teaching in your own classroom with your learners. This is a focussed process as you use data to identify the learning intention for the lesson. The lesson is planned and implemented reflecting the school’s instructional model and goals. Tools are used for targeted observation and an opportunity for discussion is a key feature for success.


Coaching provides ongoing support, you are able to connect the inspiration of professional learning and school vision to the learning and teaching context. I support you to weave theory and practice together through coaching onsite and online. 

Collaborative Planning

In these sessions I collaborate with teams to analyse data to inform the planning of future learning experiences. This is highly effective! Prior to the planning time I generate and collect texts, materials, resources, and teaching ideas. When the planning session begins it is extremely focused and highly productive. These sessions are usually implemented online.

Collaborating with Professional Learning Teams

As a team of Educators we use data to select a focus for professional learning. I support the team to research, deepen their personal theories of learning, analyse their practices, implement, and reflect on new teaching practises. Most importantly, to achieve improved learning outcomes for learners.

Partnership Schools

This approach to professional learning involves ongoing communication and engagement onsite and online. It begins with setting goals for the year and designing a pathway to meet the goals. A diverse range of implementation strategies are considered to create an engaging, thoughtful, and authentic improvement plan.

What My Clients Say

'I am continually amazed at how she is able to inspire and engage educators'

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea for the past 12 years over several schools and in several leadership positions. I am continually amazed at how she is able to inspire and engage educators.

Andrea has worked with Winchelsea Primary School staff for the past four years and her knowledge and expertise have transformed teaching and learning at our school. We consider Andrea as a genuine school partner and a professional that can influence change in all levels of the school system.

Andrea has worked with teachers to assist them in building practices and capabilities to enhance learning in Literacy and Numeracy, she has provided support to Education Support staff in helping them understand and support the learners they work with and Andrea has also worked with the leadership team to take strategic planning and school vision and make it practical and applicable.

Andrea always ensures that she keeps up to date with the latest research and developments in the science of education and brings this to the table each and every visit to our school. The students love seeing Mrs H walk through the gates!

I would encourage all schools to consider her if they are looking to make sustained and innovative improvements in their school setting. You will not be disappointed!

–  Simon O’Brien, Principal, Winchelsea Primary School

'Andrea helped our staff see the need for change in how we deliver our maths lessons'

Andrea has been nothing short of amazing! She has worked with our school staff to create writing cycles that engage and excite the students right across the school. During this time, staff were captivated by hooks, writer’s notebooks and reflection tools which have now all become everyday practice within each classroom.

She helped our staff see the need for change in how we deliver our maths lessons to help our mathematicians develop a deeper understanding of a variety of concepts. 

– Kylie Watson, Learning Specialist

'Our teachers have developed the confidence to differentiate tasks'

As a respected educator, Andrea has worked collaboratively with our staff to assist in the planning of engaging Mathematics lessons which cater for the diversity of our learners. With her practical advice, our teachers have developed the confidence to differentiate tasks by providing low-floor, high-ceiling learning opportunities. We feel extremely privileged to have collaborated with Andrea and have highly valued each, and every, opportunity we have had to work with her. 

– Kristie, Early Years Primary Learning Leader, Burleigh Waters, QLD


'Andrea has always provided highly engaging and practical professional development'

Andrea has been the backbone of professional learning at our school for many years, across all curriculum areas. Whether it be from improving teacher content knowledge in place value, to unpacking mentor texts in Reading and Writing or investigating skills through Inquiry, Andrea has always provided highly engaging and practical professional development, tailored to our school’s needs. Her ability to integrate department initiatives and align this with our local area requirements, as well as her ability to work with a variety of key staff from leadership, all the way through to graduate teachers, is second to none.

Andrea has worked with school leadership to delve into data and challenge our thinking, and then identify professional learning needs which has then been delivered in engaging whole staff curriculum days and targeted learning with PLCs and small groups. Her ability to successfully model with students the very strategies discussed in professional learning is always a highlight! I look forward to continuing to learn from such an inspirational professional!

– Gerard Brick, Learning Specialist

'A spot-on presentation'

Thank you, Andrea, as usual, a spot-on presentation which was aimed at exactly where we are at. 

– Margaret Murnane, Learning Specialist

'Andrea challenges our thinking and leaves us with very practical and actionable steps'

Her style is collaborative, respectful, and aimed to support others at both individual and team level to identify the best cause of action for each situation. Be it for the classroom, a team of teachers, leaders or a large group of educators, her sessions are highly engaging and never off the shelf. Andrea challenges our thinking and leaves us with very practical and actionable steps to move forward.

– Ashwini Sharma, Principal

'Practical, easy to implement ideas is an experience that our teachers rave about!'

We initially planned to have her for a day but her inspirational and down to earth approach has meant that we had to have a longer-term relationship with her. Her focus on practical easy to implement ideas is an experience that our teachers rave about! I would highly recommend Andrea to any school looking to implement new, innovative ideas that are proven to work!

– Denise Howley, Principal, Bourchier St Primary, Shepparton

'Andrea is an innovative and inspirational educational consultant'

Andrea is an innovative and inspirational educational consultant, who has worked with us at St Albans Primary School to lead curriculum change and build staff capacity. She has mentored school leadership including coaches and team leaders as well as working directly with classroom teachers.

Andrea is a skilled writer who uses her vast educational experience to produce quality documentation that supports effective and innovative curriculum delivery.               

– Joanne Richmond, Principal

'Her expertise has helped empower staff'

Her expertise has helped empower staff and build their understanding of effective teaching practice. Andrea has led whole staff professional learning, worked closely with our PLCs when planning, and guided staff within 1:1 coaching sessions. 

– Lauren Mc Gill, Learning Specialist

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Andrea Hillbrick Educator
Andrea Hillbrick Learning Essentials

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