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Everyone has a ‘Why.’ So, what’s mine?

Andrea Hillbrick Educator

My Story

Whether I’m collaborating with Leadership Teams or Professional Learning Teams or presenting or coaching, I’m lucky enough to have my ‘why’ fulfilled regularly. It’s that moment when it all connects.

It’s the instant, the picture that was hazy, becomes clear!

I get a real buzz when my colleagues connect with me to share their classroom stories, tag me in a post, share a video or photograph evidence of learning and to celebrate their successes.

I love to learn

My focus is to convert cutting edge educational theories into authentic and immediately usable teaching strategies. I have had the pleasure to  travel around Australia, collaborating with leaders and teachers across many educational settings. My online professional learning events and coaching enable me to collaborate with educators beyond Australia, too!

I love to collaborate

When collaborating with my colleagues, I am able to walk through the latest research and make connections with classroom practice. This happens in highly flexible and innovative ways – classroom demonstrations, collaborative planning, coaching, researching with professional learning teams, and forming ongoing partnerships with schools.

Connect with me

If you want professional learning just for you – I have options so we can connect! Register for a webinar, experience self paced professional learning or link up for personalised coaching.

Everything I do has a hands-on and practical element

This adds impact to the message and increases the energy and engagement in the room or on the screen. 

My Qualifications

Andrea Hillbrick has a Diploma of Teaching, Monash University

Diploma of Teaching,
Monash University

Andrea Hillbrick has a Diploma of Teaching, Monash University

Bachelor of Professional Studies,
Monash University

Andrea Hillbrick Learning Essentials

Do you have any questions or would you like to customise professional learning to meet your needs? I would love to hear from you!

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