The Worst Princess

By: Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie

Published: 2012

This rhyming story is a funny twist on the traditional princess tale. Princess Sue is waiting in her tower for her Prince. But when Princess Sue’s prince finally does arrive, he’s not quite what she had in mind.

Engage your readers and build their understandings by:

  • Prior to reading photocopy the front cover of the book. Cut it to create a jigsaw puzzle. As a class solve the jigsaw and make predictions.
  • Read the text to the readers without showing the pictures and the readers draw their visual images of the princess and label them.
  • POW chart: What are your predictions? What are your observations? What are you now wondering?
  • Identify the theme/s of the book.
  • Reading in response to:
    • Rhyming words
    • Size of font
    • Punctuation marks – !, ‘’, ., ?
  • Implement a Cloze reading task using post it notes to cover words in the text.
  • List other texts that begin with ‘Once upon a time
  • Make and record a sound scape for a scene. This involves the students using musical instruments or everyday items to create sound effects for pages in the book.

Inspire your writers with these learning experiences:

  • Write a job application for a modern-day princess.
  • From the Prince’s point of view create a wanted poster for the Princess.
  • Princess Sue writes a postcard to the prince from one of her adventures. What would Sue write?
  • Write and perform a rap promoting a modern-day princess.
  • Write a responseWhat does stereotype mean? Does this word relate to this story?
  • What words could you borrow from this story for your own writing.?
  • Collect and write facts about the author Anna View facts here

Create a crown to investigate and represent mathematics

  • Size 
  • Circumference
  • Diameter
  • Radius
  • Pattern
  • Counting
  • Shape

Display your crown and publish all the mathematical facts!

Design and create

  • Using the description and images of the dragon create a puppet.
  • Design an outfit for an adventurous princess.
  • Princess Sue wears converse boots design a pair.
  • Create a t-shirt design promoting fun and adventure.
  • Design a board game with the characters of the text.
  • Make armour or helmet with a visor.
  • Listen to a Herald’s trumpet and design a banner


Have an awesome day!