My Dad STILL thinks he’s funny

By Katrina Germein

Illustrations by Tom Jellett

This series of books are fun to read and make you laugh!

Story Box Library features the book – My Dad STILL thinks he’s funny!

A BIG shout out to Courtney Trigg for contributing ideas to this Take Away!


This story provides the perfect opportunity to read aloud and respond to punctuation.


I have used this as a mentor text for collecting and generating ideas, text matching pictures to support comprehension and punctuation.


This is a great book to collect and represent data about the favourite joke in the story.

Courtney and I have collaborated to plan these teaching ideas for you!

  • Use a photograph or a drawing of your Dad/special person and list all the things you love doing with them! How many can you come up with?
  • Select your favourite jokes from the book to perform to an audience.
  • Create props to support your performance.
  • Make a video of your performance.
  • Which joke did you like the best? Were there any that you didn’t understand? Do you think the boy likes his dad’s jokes? Why or why not? What did the boy do at the end?
  • Research different kinds of jokes, riddles, puns, pranks, limericks, etc.
  • Investigate and read joke books.
  • Make and publish your own joke book.
  • Investigate the compound words in the story. How many did you find?
  • Katrina uses puns in her story. Can you provide an example from the story and an explanation? How would define the term ‘pun’ to support other writers?
  • Find out more about Katrina by reading the interview here
  • Create a Y chart to describe one of the jokes/illustrations in the story.
  • Tom has created an illustration to build understanding of the jokes. This is one example. What page is your favourite? Why?

  • Find out more about Tom by reading the interview here
  • How would you describe Tom’s style of illustrations? Try this technique.
  • Create a 3D scene for one of the jokes.
  • Publish a joke to support the reader’s understanding.
  • In the story the boy receives a special card from his Gran. Create a card for someone special to you!
  • Write a text to persuade your audience that Dad jokes are essential!
  • Compare two stories written by Katrina. What is the same in these stories and what is different?

Enjoy and take care,