Jigsaw: A Puzzle in the Post

By: Bob Graham

Published: 2023
Publisher: Walker Books

A random act of kindness springboards into a heartwarming story of perseverance, determination, and hope.

I adore Bob’s dedication – “For those with time to spare children, dogs and jigsaw puzzlers.”

Twelve teaching ideas to take away!

  1. Make a jigsaw using pop sticks.
  2. Wrap the book in brown paper/box and displaying the title in a gift card to provoke curiosity and form predictions.
  3. What clues did you get from the endpapers?
  4. Post letters to your class to open and read.
  5. Highlight phrases in the book that engaged you as the audience. I love – ‘a beautiful dawn began to emerge’.
  6. Did you see the stamps on the parcel? Create a stamp about your favourite part.
  7. Draw the journey of the puzzle piece to retell.
  8. What seasons were talked about in the story? What activities do you do in the seasons?
  9. Discuss and implement some random acts of kindnesses.
  10. Solve simple jigsaws to inspire some writing ideas.
  11. Publish your writing as a jigsaw to be solved.
  12. Have a jigsaw posted to your class to solve.

I wonder if this story inspires a random act of kindness in your classroom?