Numerical Street

Book by Antonia Pesenti and Hilary Bell

‘Starting with 1, begin in the park: Count up the street and get home before dark.’ From the creators of the bestselling Alphabetical Sydney comes a counting book set in a bright and quirky streetscape where there’s always something new to find.

I am so incredibly grateful to have collaborated with Joel Brian and Carly White @misswhitesclassroom

Thank you for your time and enthusiasm!


This book provides the perfect opportunity for readers to:

  • Examine the pictures to make predictions
  • Make connections to their own experiences
  • Make connections to other texts that involve shopping – “Don’t’ Forget the Bacon” by Pat Hutchins
  • Investigate the use of the hyphen
  • Define and add the mathematical terms to the classroom word wall
  • Sort words from the book according to the number of syllables
  • Explore rhyming words
  • Read the signs in the book and then search for signs in the community
  • Explore compound words


This book inspires writers to:

  • Write their own mathematical story
  • Write a description of one the stores
  • Point around the pictures and talk about the writing ideas from the book
  • Recount a personal experience
  • Innovate the story
  • Discuss the illustration style and  transfer to their own text
  • Investigate the binding of the book (numbers presented in the spine)


This is a great book for mathematicians to:

  • Search for numbers throughout the book
  • Count the mathematical terms
  • Subitise the fish and sea life in the tropical fish tanks
  • Explore ordinal numbers
  • Create number lines
  • Investigate simple fractions
  • Collect keys or other objects to classify by size
  • Identify, count, and sketch shapes in the book

  • Create patterns as presented in the Upholstery Store
  • Search for money amounts in the book and write facts for the money amounts

So many teaching ideas

  • Plan, create and use a classroom shop
  • Photograph and sketch the numbers on the letter boxes in your street and investigate the number of the numbers
  • Make a number line and order the places in the story
  • Create a diorama of a store to model a collection
  • Visit the local shop to purchase and prepare a snack
  • Invite people to your classroom that work in the different stores
  • Make a soundscape to match the scenes
  • Create signs for your classroom

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Enjoy and take care,


Andrea Hillbrick