Pig the Tourist

By Aaron Blabey

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This week I had to pleasure to collaborate with the Educators at Yarraville SDS!

Thanks to everyone for professionalism and engagement in the Professional Learning sessions.

We considered all the literacy learning opportunities for this text.

In preparation for our session together I implemented a ‘Book Walk’.  

This enables me to consider all learning opportunities to use the text as a

springboard to engage the learners in my classroom.

Watch the video to find out how!

These are teaching ideas I generated following my ‘Book Walk’:

  • Hook the students into the text by:
  • Open up a suitcase to find the book
  • Pig the Pug toy
  • Listening to the sound of a dog barking
  • Photo of yourself or colleague with their dog.
  • Investigate the rhyming words – away, say, day, play, stay
  • Creating a simple icy pole stick puppet of Pig The Pug to read along the text with you!
  • Have fun reading the text GO AWAY! and videoing the students.
  • Lean on the pictures by investigating the objects that appear in the illustrations.
  • Activate prior knowledge and predict Pig the Pugs behaviour.
  • Make connections to other Pig the Pug adventures.

  • Search for the piranhas in the illustrations and make connections to the piranhas in a different text.

Innovation of the Story:

Story innovation takes a text and allows the students to change characters, setting, and story elements to make a personalised version of the story.

Some suggestions are:

  • The character could become the student, teacher, another animal or their pet.
  • Food trolley – What could Pig be travelling in?
  • Egypt – What is another location? Where could Pig the Pug be at our school? Where could Pig the Pug be in the community?
  • Swimwear – What could Pig the Pug be wearing?
  • Piranhas – What else could bite Pig’s bottom?

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Enjoy and take care,


Andrea Hillbrick