Live Webinar: Exploring Estimation Online with Andrea – Wednesday 21st August 2024


Do your mathematicians make reasonable estimations?
Would you like some strategies to help them?

Wednesday, 21st August 2024

3.45 PM – 4:45 PM AEDT

Location: Online (via Zoom)

  • An estimate refers to a number that is the suitable approximation for an exact number given the particular context.
  • Estimation refers to three different ideas:
    • Measurement estimation: Determining an approximate measurement without making an exact measurement.
    • Quantity estimation: Approximating the number of items in a collection.
    • Computational estimation: Determining a number that approximates a computation that we cannot or do need precisely.

Join me online!
I will:
✅explore mathematical learning experiences for the three different ideas.
✅focus on mathematical language
✅provide ‘Hillbrick Handy Hints’ for differentiation.
✅share lesson plans related to each idea – measurement, quantity and computational.

A three-word description of this webinar – insightful, practical and authentic
(with a touch of creativity)

Each participant will receive a teaching resource focusing on what, why, when and how of estimation. It is full of lots of ideas that are directly transferrable to the classroom – the next day!

Suitable for primary school teachers in Levels F-6

Looking forward to seeing you online!

Terms & Conditions

Registrations close 3pm Friday 16th August if not fully booked prior to this date.

Participants will be emailed the ZOOM meeting details and the teaching resource on Tuesday, 20th August 2024.

This webinar will be recorded, and a link will be provided the following day. The link will provide access to the webinar for 30 days.

Contact Andrea if you wish to book a school team/group and require an invoice.

Tickets are Non-refundable