Peter H Reynolds

You were born to BE so many things. No matter where your journey leads remember to… Be curious… Be adventurous… Be patient… Be brave… And most of all… BE YOU! A joyful celebration of individuality persistence and staying true to YOU!

Once you have read or viewed this book you will instantly understand the reasons, I have selected this book. This is a wonderful mentor text for personal and social learning to revisit again and again.

Such a treat! View Peter reading this story to us!

Front cover:

What are your predictions?

Tell me something about you?

Why did Peter use an exclamation mark in his title?

Title page:

Spray paint an old frame gold and photograph your learners holding the frame.

⁃ Generate ideas using the photographs

⁃ Measure the frame using different materials

⁃ Investigate famous art works in gold frames.

You were born to….

Collect ten words from this page to alphabetise

Share baby photos and make a display to inspire writers

Explore birth months and collect data

I am hooked by the motives Peter has used on this page. Oliver Jeffers uses motives too. Search and explore his books for motives.

Be curious!

What is one thing you are curious about? Draw and label your idea. Share by having a gallery walk. This involves everyone walking around the classroom observing, discussing, and commenting on everyone’s idea!

Model using a I wonder notebook with your learners. Create a class book, wonder wall,

 or encourage each learner to recording their own wonderings in their own book.

Here are some entries in my I wonder book:

Be persistent

Engage team challenges. Highlight and discuss the need to ‘keep going, never stop’

Check out the ideas on my STEM Pinterest Board

Be different

Plan a day to come to school wearing something different, quirky, and colourful. What did you learn about each other?

Create a classroom book to recount the day.

Be kind

Make connections to the book – Kindness makes us Strong

Plan and implement random acts of kindness in your classroom. Make a list of your acts to celebrate being kind. Share your list with another classroom to inspire.

Final end page:

Peter finishes with a quote …. what does this mean to you?

Go ahead.

Be yourself

Be the best version of you.

Each day is

A new chance to

Be more you.

Is there someone you would like to share this quote with?

Does the quote inspire a personal goal?

Continue being YOU!