Take Away Teaching Ideas #30

Pig the Pug

Aaron Blabey


Who can resist Pig the Pug and Trevor? Not me!

A big shout out to Stacey at Manor Lakes as I recently enjoyed sharing this book with her students.


Here are twenty ideas to take away!

  1. Introduce the book using picture of Pig the Pug to create a jigsaw for the students to solve.

  2. Shared reading of the text inviting the students to read the rhyming words.

  3. Create and perform a Trevor and Pig the Pug puppet show.

  4. Vote and then justify your preference of character – Pig or Trevor.

I use cups and sticks to vote.

  1. View below.


  2. Explore phrases: Flipped his wig. Pigs can’t fly. I won’t and I swear!

  3. Investigate the meaning of words: Selfish, scoot, swine, loot.

  4. Create a garland of words from the text. Display in alphabetical order.

  5. Create a Can/Has/Like Chart.

  6. Create an ‘I Spy’ jar using pictures from the text.

  7. Make Trevor or Pig using play dough and care for him. Keep a journal.

  8. View Youtube clip and then draw own Pig the Pug.


  9. Make a stocking Trevor the sausage dog. What other materials can you use?

  10. Write another Pig adventure. Follow up with reading Pig the Fibber.

  11. Write rules for Pig the Pug to follow. Make an instruction video.

  12. Add another animal to the story and write a different adventure.

  13. Write the story from Trevor’s point of view.

  14. Caption this! What is Trevor and Pig the Pug thinking and saying?

  15. Research the two dog breeds and compare. Use the precise vocabulary in a review.

  16. Investigate other dog stories!


My favourite is an Alison Lester book…

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