Here We Are – Notes for Living on Planet Earth

Oliver Jeffers

One of my all-time favourite books and authors!

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In this edition I have explored the book as a mentor text for writers. I have listed the trait, goal with page number and evidence within the text.


  • The topic is narrow, clear, and manageable.


Front Cover:            Here We Are Notes for living on planet Earth.


Page 3:                    It is a big globe,

                                   floating in space,

                                  on which we live.


  • The pictures enhance the key ideas.

Page 13:                 Labels on the body illustration

                                           Brain (for thinking)

                                           Heart ( to pump your blood)


Page 15/16:            Illustrations of the people


  • It has an introduction that is an “attention grabber”. The reader is interested in reading on.

Page 3:                 Well, hello.


Page 6:                 So let’s get started with a quick tour.

  • The conclusion leaves the reader with resolution.

Page 31:              Make sure you look after it,

                              As it all we’ve got.


Page 37:             You’re never alone on Earth.



  • The reader feels “connected” to the writer.

Page 2:               *Probably not to scale


Page 3:                Well, hello.


Page 28:              Just remember to leave notes for everyone else.


Word Choice:

  • The words are specific and build understanding.

Page 13:             Labels on the illustration


Page 30:            7,327,450,667 and counting.


  • The selection of words should help the reader see, feel, hear, taste, or understand.

Page 8:               hot, pointy, cold, bumpy, flat, dry, wet

Sentence Fluency:

  • The writer chooses words that sound good, and the writing is easy to read.

Page 30:              It looks big, Earth.

                               But there are lots of us on here.

                               So be kind.

                              There is enough for everyone.


  • Punctuation is accurate and appropriate.


Page 11:                Though it can get pretty complicated


Page 32:             Now, if you need to know anything else



  • There is an alignment between the text and visuals.

Page 17:                They come in even more shapes, sizes, and colours.


Page 21 & 22:       Things can sometimes move slowly here on Earth.


Page 35:               …you can always ask someone else.


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Have fun exploring this text with your writers!


Andrea Hillbrick