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Words are Everywhere

I am committed to exploring and creating different teaching strategies to engage the students in my schools to build vivid, vital and valuable vocabularies! I am so fortunate to work alongside teachers across Australia who share this commitment! Some background… Students need many opportunities for developing a rich vocabulary through listening, speaking, reading, and writing […]

Instructional Maths Games- Engaging Mathematicians

As teachers, we are continuously reflecting on the quality of the learning experiences we plan and implement with our students. Using instructional games to teach mathematics is a very viable and successful way to engage students to explore and understand rich mathematical concepts and to extend their mathematical reasoning. Some background… In this text, The […]

The Wonder of Words

As teachers, we’ve all stood in front of our classes at times and felt that uncomfortable pang of anxiety when we’ve realised – “Oh no. I’m losing them!” Our hearts race a little, perhaps a cold sweat grips us, maybe it’s a shudder. Whatever you’re reaction, it’s a feeling we’ve all endured and it’s often […]